NITE Team 4 Kickstarter (Very) Successfully Funded

October 14, 2016 — We are proud to announce the successful financing of our game NITE Team 4. Thanks to our dedicated community, we were able to raise over $65 000 for our Alternate Reality Project.

The NITE Team 4 Kickstarter campaign was so successful in part due to the way Alice & Smith engaged existing communities to make sure the game struck a careful balance between realism and accessibility. Articles about the successful Kickstarter campaign appeared on major gaming sites such as Rock, Paper, Shotgun and MMO Games, as well as Cliquist. Funcom’s The Secret World collaborated with Alice & Smith to create a cross-universe mission, as well.

The game will be released in 2017 on Steam.

NITE Team 4 is a military hacking simulation game that explores the world of cyberwarfare and features realistic mission scenarios set within the Permanent Alternate Reality game The Black Watchmen.